Proven Prosecutorial Leadership

As the next Franklin County Prosecutor, I am committed to leading an efficient and transparent office that believes in accountability, and is engaged with the community – all of which are essential to building community trust.

Beyond meeting the minimum qualifications to be a county prosecutor, for nearly 25 years I have handled over 100,000 criminal and civil cases with a successful track record. I have litigated cases in Ohio’s trial courts, appellate courts, the Ohio Supreme Court, and federal court.

I am the only candidate who actually leads a full-service government law office – which is exactly what the Franklin County Prosecutor’s is. I am the chief legal counsel for an entire city. Unlike a deputy prosecutor or assistant prosecutor who are supervised, I am fully in charge of and responsible for the entire office.

Let’s be clear…this office holds enormous power within the criminal justice system. A system that is often laced with racial, social, and economic disparities that occur throughout various stages of the justice process and it requires a leader who has shown they can successfully tackle these issues in a legal setting. I am and always have been a prosecutor who provides a service to the people.

Columbus has been my home. I was raised here. I went to school here and my family is here. I have spent my career fighting for children and families like the ones I grew up with. The residents of Franklin County deserve an office that doesn’t ignore families waiting for justice and the increase of youth violence, and is continuously engaged with the community – not just when it is convenient for the office.

Let’s work together to reestablish trust and create a system that works for all!